Won the Medium and Small Enterprise Center award(2001/01/24)

Our company was awarded the Medium and Small enterprise center in January 24, 2001. This award is presented to the enterprise that has achieved good results in the technological development and innovation of the management, targeting the enterprises whose capital or amount of the investment is 300 million yen or less. It is categorized to a national prize, a district prize, a special prize and a technology development prize. Our company is one of two companies throughout Japan that had won a national prize this year.

(Above) The Japan Industrial (Nikkan Kogyo) Journal dated January 24, 2001
(Below) The Japan Economic (Nihon Keizai) Newspaper dated November 22, 2000

Award ceremony

The qualification required for the national prize specifies that the applicable enterprise should contribute to the development of the industry, economy and the society and should be a model as a good member that lives together with the community. In the field of the technology development, it also specifies that the technology should attract the attention as a development of the domestic technology and remarkable achievement should be shown in its industrialization. Granting an award means that our company obtained the high evaluation not only for our business performance, but also for the world level patents owned by our company and the achievement of their commercialization.

In the presentation ceremony, Yoshihiro Hoshino, president of our company, made an award speech on behalf of the 14 companies that were awarded.

Thank you for introducing me. I am Yoshihiro Hoshino from Hoshino Gakki Co., Ltd. On behalf of all the companies that were proudly awarded today, I would like to speak with your permission. It was our honor to have been granted such an award with a proud tradition in the award ceremony of No.34 Incorporated Medium and small enterprise center prize of the year of 2000 in the presence of Mr. Hashimoto, chairman of board, members of board and guests of honor from various fields. Please allow me to express our appreciation to the related people. The year of 2000 was often referred to as the millennium, but we could not see any signs towards a business recovery in the year of 2000. However enterprises that were awarded this time obtained high evaluation in developing a new market in the severe competition by their own personality including technical capability, creativity, innovation capability, etc. I believe our company was awarded a prize to show that competitiveness is not in proportion to the company size. This gives us a real pleasure and also it is a really meaningful and honorable opportunity for us who engage in the management of the enterprise. However, there is no guarantee that success until now will lead to tomorrow's success under such severe conditions of the market. I understand we need to catch up to the further advancing speed of the world and respond to it. To supply "good products at a low price" is a big theme assigned to enterprises in any fields that supply commercial goods. To realize this theme, I believe we are required to continue our efforts in improving the management technology for the production site, pursuing new plans and development daily, and finding the best way in a sweat. We, as Hoshino Gakki group Company have renewed our decision to continue our efforts not to disgrace this honor and to contribute the culture through musical instruments as a tool to create and express it in music culture that is common in the world. I would like to express my appreciation for your attendance and ask to grant an honor that all of you here will give us further guidance and encouragement in the future. Thank you for today.