Won the award of "Company of the Year" (2001/04/01)

In April 2001, HOSHINO (U.S.A.) , our group company was awarded "Company of the Year" and was presented as the most excellent company in the year 2000 by The Music Trades Magazine, business magazine in the USA.

The Chubu Economic(Chubu Keizai) Newspaper dated May 16, 2001

In an article in this newspaper, HOSHINO (U.S.A.) was recognized because of their steady customer service base on the company motto "Do The Right Thing(to customers)", and because HOSHINO (U.S.A.) achieved the sales up 28% from the previous year, so it is a good target of the case study on how to achieve the growth better than the average in a mature and low-growth market.。

(Left) Certificate of "Company of the Year" (Right) Award article of " The Music Trades Magazine"

The Music Trades Magazine that has a publication history of about 110 years has published 7,200 issues in total. It supplies useful articles relating to the various fields of music industry including market news, new product information, market analysis, etc. They are subscribed mostly at the music stores in the U.S.A. Detailed market reports are published 7 times a year closely focused on the special fields (for example, percussion, MIDI, music school etc.) . Among them, interview to retailers, maker profiles, original consumer research, and large-scale statistical information etc. gain high support of readers.