Opened the Korea Representative Office(2002/10/01)

Korea Representative Office of the Hoshino Gakki Co., Ltd. opened at Incheon, Korea in October 2002.
Our activities in this office will include the inspection of the goods to be shipped from the Korean factory and other activities to improve the quality. All Korea-made products to be shipped to Japan are inspected in Korea and some to be shipped to other foreign countries are also inspected here.

Activities in the manufacturing base make it possible not only to prevent shipments of defective products but also to find out a problem and quickly take countermeasures against further problems. Moreover through the inspection in factories, we can establish mutual trust with the factory staff, which will lead to the strengthening of the cooperation system for quality improvement. Our staff - member who works here as a resident staff expressed his hopes "I want to learn the Korean language as soon as possible and communicate with the factory staff in the local language. I believe I can establish more friendly relationships with them through the communication by the local language."


NC cutting machine in the factory(computerized automatic cutting machine for wood working)

(left) Woodworking (right) Packing scene

For the quality improvement in factories, it is important to explain the requests from the company. To analyze the problem source based on the accurate understanding of the actual situation and explain it to the factory staffs, we have to understand the production process at the factory. Incorrect judgment may directly influence the product quality, so a communication with the factory staffs is the key point.

We are making efforts to exchange information and opinions as we position ourselves between the headquarter office of the Hoshino Gakki or Seto distribution center (SDC) and local factories. For example, we propose to Hoshino Gakki that changing the specifications may solve the quality problems. And we ask the headquarter office of the Hoshino Gakki and SDC to feedback the reaction of the market constantly. Focused on the points that were not accepted in the market, we are trying to improve them.

We are making our efforts on a daily basis to offer better products to the market through the increase of the inspection number and the control for the uniform quality.