On Stage Cleveland(2002/12/01)

A restaurant opened in December 2001 at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Ohio, U.S.A. This restaurant was designed in cooperation with our group company, HOSHINO (U.S.A.) and the museum "Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame" in Cleveland that exhibits the showpieces of the various rock stars.

This restaurant named "On Stage Cleveland" exhibits a giant Ibanez guitar of 25 feet (7m 62cm approx.) long at the entrance to welcome visitors. Inside the restaurant, the music video from the latest AV equipment is on air on the monitor inside the restaurant and Ibanez guitars and TAMA drums are displayed on the walls so that visitors to this restaurant feel as if they are in the town of Rock N' Roll.

Giant guitar at the entrance of the restaurant

Cleveland, Ohio is famous as a birthplace of the Rock N' Roll. It was in Cleveland that Disk jockey, Alan Freed (the first man to use the word "Rock 'N' Roll") had charge of a radio program for the first time. It is also our great pleasure to promote the "Rock N' Roll Town-Cleveland" at the airport, an international gateway, of this city.

"On Stage Cleveland" is at the food court of the airport and displays various valuables related to the music including guitars with original signatures of famous musicians, famous musicians' photographs taken by local photographers, etc.. Also menus are so unique. People can enjoy "Start Me Up", breakfast menu or "Love Me Tender", sandwich menu, etc.

Menu board and menu book

TAMA drum and Ibanez guitar displayed on the wall of the restaurant

Appearance of the restaurant seen from the airport passage