Moved the Europe Representative Office(2003/04/01)

In April 2003, Europe Representative Office (opened in 1999) has moved from Frankfurt in Germany to Uithoorn in Holland. New office is inside the office of Serlui B.V., sales company of musical instruments in Holland that has joined in the group company of Hoshino Gakki in 2002.

Europe Representative Office aims to respond to the quickly changing market through the close cooperation with the distributors and main retailers in European countries. Tangible activities will include the periodical visits to the main distributors to exchange information each other, distribute our sales policies, and visits to the main retailers in each country to collect information. We will expedite the activities to manage the distributors in each country so that our marketing and sales policies will penetrate in the European major markets, and to promote the sales activities at the local site including various local activities related to them. As a part of a new sales promotion, we started the business of renting drum sets for the Europe performances by international endorsers (international artists who have a contract with our company) , and we also do the maintenance of the equipment.

As a representative office staying at the local site, we have the advantage of frequently communicating with the distributors and the retailers. Further by staying inside the Serlui, which actually sells products, we can get more live information about the daily changing business and we can quickly respond to it.
To use those live information for the sales policy and product development promptly, we are frequently making contact with the headquarter office of the Hoshino Gakki through e-mail, telephone or visiting each other.

At the Serlui office

Development of the information system is also indispensable for the global marketing strategies and activities mentioned above. Our office and Serlui are connected to the computer system of the Hoshino Gakki by the international virtual private network (VPN) line to obtain the fresh data while staying overseas.

Presenting the new system at Serlui, August 2002

Serlui's office moved in August 2003, so Europe Representative Office started its activities from a new office. Before that, the representative office stayed in another room of the Serlui's office. As a result of the movement and the new office layout, the representative office is now on the same floor with the Serlui. The staff residing there says, "Now my desk is in the Serlui's office, so I can work in the energetic atmosphere of the sales people. This made an exciting and new environment for me to do my activities."

We are planning to increase the number of staffs in the future and to challenge the European market with a tradition by the younger generation.