Guangzhou Hoshino Gakki Mfg. Co., Ltd. starts operation(2004/01/29)

Guangzhou Hoshino Gakki Mfg. Co., Ltd. started production of drums on January 29, 2004(to be fully operational in late February). This is the first overseas plant owned by the Hoshino Gakki Group and is the 6th company of the group following Serlui B.V., a musical instrument sales company in the Netherlands acquired in 2002.

Guangzhou Hoshino Gakki Mfg. Co., Ltd. ("Guangzhou Hoshino") is a plant that mainly manufactures percussion instruments and their accessories. The plant is set up to expand production facilities for cost saving while simultaneously getting a foot into the Chinese market that would develop in the future. Hoshino Gakki Mfg. Co., Ltd. located in Seto City, Aichi, Japan will mainly be producing products in the high price range.

The plant itself was completed in April 2003 (picture of the ground breaking ceremony). We have asked Mr. Toru Kawamoto (President of Guangzhou Hoshino) who was dispatched from Japan about the preparation of plant operation in August 2003.

"To start a company in a foreign country from scratch was much more difficult than I expected in the beginning, as so many problems occurred that I had never thought of in Japan. However, as we had a close association with plants operated by Taiwanese, I think our experience with them was very helpful."

Mr. Satoshi Utsu (employed in 2001), who is struggling in quality control operations. "It is hard work to get plant associates to understand the importance of quality in China where language, culture and thinking is different." He seems to have many difficulties, but is spending many busy days working towards smoothing production operations with local associates who are the first subordinates for him.

Mr. Kawamoto says, "Guangzhou Hoshino will not simply remain as a plant to manufacture products at a cheap cost. I believe it will be a base for us to settle the TAMA brand in the consumer market of China where purchase ability is increasing year after year. For that purpose, all of us are united to manufacture products in better quality devoting our best efforts."