Centenary Party "Hyakunen no Kodo, The Pulse Behind The Music for 100 Years" (2008/10/31)

Hoshino Gakki Co., Ltd. marked its 100th year of business in 2008. To mark the centenary, on May 22nd, 2008, a party was held at the club Zepp Nagoya to show our deep gratitude to all the people who continue to support the company in its 100th year. The party was by invitation only, but here are some photos to give you an idea of what went down.

Chairman of Hoshino Gakki Co., ltd., Yoshihiro Hoshino greets everyone and shares a few words. He expressed his gratitude to all those connected with the business side, who have persevered with the company to make a way through sometimes hard times, and also to all the artists who continue to give hope and dreams to the world.

Tommy Snyder (Title omitted, as below)

Long-time friend of the company Tommy Snyder, gave a speech. As representative of all the esteemed guests in attendance, he led the toast.

Guests from all over the world, with company members.

In the interludes between performances and presentations, guests browsed the buffet at their leisure. The venue was alive with everyone chatting away and taking pictures.

From left: Toshitsugu Tanaka, President of the Hoshino Gakki Co., Ltd., Simon Phillips, Steve Vai.

Presenting commemorative shields to two artists who have supported to the company for a long time.

Once the guest's performances began, what had been just a party venue transformed into a live venue. Guests and company staff were thrilled by magnificent ensemble including some big-name artists.

From left: Noriaki Kumagai, Tommy Snyder, Simon Phillips, Pat Torpey, Keisuke Komori.

Guests were moved by a powerful performance on five TAMA drums, which gave substance in sound to the event's title, "Hyakunen no Kodo, The Pulse Behind The Music for 100 Years".

Simon Phillips, who delivered a performance with both presence and grace.

From left: Mike Szuter, Paul Gilbert

Their famous music incorporating electric drills.

As you can see from the photos above, somewhat unlike what one might imagine upon hearing the words "centenary commemoration," it was a party where everyone could look back over the last 100 years from various perspectives, and still have a good time. The speeches from long-time friends of the company, and the many images from the history of Hoshino Gakki projected on the large screen above the stage were a constant reminder to company staff of 100 years history of the company and how important the unfaltering support from many people.

Over the next 100, even 200 years, in order to contribute to the culture of music, Hoshino Gakki will go on rising to the challenge of maintaining the ideals enshrined in the "enterprising spirit," "innovation burdened by received thinking," and "building a legacy of action while keeping the whole world in view".

Celebrations continued on the two days after the party (May 23rd – 24th), in the form of a special centenary event. Unlike the party on the 22nd, this event was open to all.
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Many people gave their kind assistance so that The Hoshino Gakki Co., Ltd., Centenary Event "Hyakunen no Kodo, The Pulse Behind The Music for 100 Years " (May 22nd – 24th) could be held. We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following (in alphabetical order):

Ando Forest Music
Augusta Publishing
Hit & Run
J-mans Club
Jail House
Office Augusta
Shibaura Studio
Westin Nagoya Castle Hotel
Yoshika Hotta
Zepp Nagoya