The TAMA Origin Story

In 1962, more than a decade before the TAMA brand was established, Hoshino Gakki set up its own musical instrument manufacturing factory, called "Tama Seisakusho". Needless to say, the name TAMA originates from this factory. In 1966, drum production began under the Star brand name and later in 1974, the decision was made to expand globally under the new name, TAMA.
During the 60s and 70s, Rock music gained worldwide popularity and drummers began to require drums with more volume, resulting in larger sizes and elaborate set ups. These changes demanded heavier duty hardware that was durable and reliable. To this end, TAMA pursued advancements in hardware with unique features, with nylon bushings and boom cymbal stands being classic examples.
In the late 70s, the release of TAMA's Superstar line marked a turning point in the company's history. Partnerships with top global artists such as Stewart Copeland, Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, and Elvin Jones, bolstered TAMA's reputation and international recognition.
In 1983, the release of the Artstar line bolstered yet another innovative design, emphasizing straight lines and unique wood grains like the beautiful Cordia wood. Most importantly, Arstar's dynamic and powerful sound solidified TAMA as one of the world's top drum makers.


At a time when product advancement focused primarily on hardware innovations, TAMA looked deeper with the introduction of Imperialstar, Superstar, and Artstar drums, inspiring the direction of TAMA's sound and craftsmanship in the coming decades. In particular, the Superstar series garnered the attention of the world's top drummers of the era, making this first decade TAMA's most foundational.


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Tama Hoshino, wife of Hoshino Gakki's first president, Yoshitaro Hoshino, lent her name to the TAMA brand we know today. In charge of the company's finances from its founding to the prewar era, Tama played a crucial role in Hoshino Gakki's management. This dedication earned her recognition when the drum factory opened, bearing her name as the Tama Factory (Tama Seisakusho). Later, the TAMA brand itself was born, an enduring testament to Tama's contributions and a pledge of our deepest respect.