Era of Exploration and Experimentation

With the advent of MTV, music too began to demand visual appeal. Drums were no exception to this trend, with more flamboyantly colored shells and huge, powerful sets becoming popular. TAMA's catalog frequently featured huge sets incorporating two or even three bass drums and numerous toms.
At the same time, TAMA's foundation as a drum manufacturer had been laid, and the company began to develop its own unique products, such as the Techstar, TAMA's first electronic drum, the 11 Lug Snare Drum, a snare drum with 11 tensions, and other ambitious attempts. While not all of these were hits, they spawned ideas that were indicative of TAMA's innovative spirit, such as the lever glide system, saddle-type drum throne and Pro-Beat Twin Pedal, a twin pedal with two beaters in one frame. In particular, the Iron Cobra, released in 1993, once again made the world aware of TAMA hardware and became a representative TAMA product that still attracts drummers - from all over the world today.


As the need for a unique aesthetic grew, this era saw drummers using massive setups with several bass drums, extra deep rack toms, multiple floor toms, and even gong bass drums. In order to achieve these monstrous setups, TAMA introduced products like the Power Tower System, defining the look of the era.
This decade also gave birth to TAMA's most innovative products, such as the Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand and the Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedal.


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