A Modern Revolution

By this time, TAMA's product lineup was well established, featuring the high-end Starclassic, the mid-class Superstar, and the entry-level Imperialstar. This period marked an opportunity for TAMA to solidify its position as a world-class brand, and a key element of this strategy was a renewed focus on achieving exceptional sound with its high-end models.
The Starclassic model incorporated a core made of Bubinga wood, previously used only as outer plies for ornamentation. The STARPHONIC snare drum introduced a completely new sonic direction compared to its predecessors, thanks to an innovative mechanism that leveraged TAMA's advanced development capabilities. Notably, this period also saw the introduction of the super high-end STAR Drum model. Unlike other instruments, drums naturally have a range of prices and corresponding sound qualities. The coexistence of the STAR Drum and Starclassic series highlights the breadth of TAMA's sonic palette, providing drummers with a wider selection to find their perfect sound.
Prior to this time, TAMA had a strong association with hard rock and heavy metal, reflected in its artist endorsements. However, this period witnessed TAMA's transformation into a brand that attracted artists across diverse styles, including jazz, funk, and pop.
In 2011, TAMA finally entered the marching market, a long-held goal. The products, developed over a decade, surprised the market with their innovative features, such as lightweight shells and ergonomic designs. The company's subsequent entry into the concert market marked another significant step, solidifying its position as a comprehensive percussion instrument manufacturer.


The quest for new drum sounds and hardware designs continued in the early 00's. Starclassic Bubinga was introduced, delivering a brand-new sonic expression, along with the Speed Cobra pedal that was optimized for rapid footwork. Looking to go beyond the demands of the current lineup, STAR Drums were released in 2013, bringing a fresh look & sound to TAMA Drums.


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