Continual Variations on a Theme

The rise of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube has significantly accelerated the diversification of musical genres. This coincided with the increased functionality and affordability of smartphones, which have enabled easier music creation and distribution than ever before. This "democratization" has empowered independent artists to reach broader audiences, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers.
Beyond kits and hardware however, the expansion of TAMA's peripheral products such as accessories and bags for transport were expanded extensively during this period as a way to focus on making drummers' lives easier in the moments between performances, which was something else that became far more visible resulting from the rise of social media. The growth of social media platforms has fostered closer connections between TAMA and its customers, allowing for the identification of drummers' previously unseen needs and contributing to them more effectively.


As genres changed and multiplied, the need to cater to constantly varying styles was evident, inspiring the release of the uniquely featured STAR hardware, simplistic CLASSIC stands, and easily portable Club-JAM series. Alongside the instruments, TAMA also focused on offering a broader range of bags and accessories. The rise of social media during this period brought TAMA closer to its users, increasing the ability to produce new and innovative products with every type of drummer in mind.


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