The Pursuit of Progress

The Starclassic revolutionized drum sounds with its overwhelming shell sound, and the thunderous roar it caused around the world when it was first announced was a testament to the quality of TAMA's drums. However, even now, 30 years after Starclassic's debut, TAMA drums are still used and valued by top artists around the world, and the long-lasting popularity of this product, both in name and reality, makes it an extremely rare series in the long history of TAMA drums.
Another important topic is the Iron Cobra, which underwent a full model change in 1998. The Iron Cobra was so impressive, with its machine-like precision and wide variety of adjustable functions, that it completely redefined the framework of conventional drum pedals. The effects of the Iron Cobra have been far reaching, with many drum pedals today drawing influence from this iconic design.
TAMA is also developing new product categories, such as the Signature Palette snare drum, TAMA's first artist model, and the 1st Chair Drum Throne System. At the same time, the brand began to focus on product design, with the Star-Cast Mounting System and the second-generation Iron Cobra at the forefront of a shift from linear to streamlined product designs.


In this decade, TAMA's innovation continued, marking the beginning of the iconic Starclassic series, the second-generation Iron Cobra, and Signature Palette snare drum models. As technology grew rapidly, priority shifted towards advancement and modernization. Not only for functionality, but in "pursuit of a better sound" to reach the true essence of the instrument. Durability was no longer the sole purpose, for now the world demanded meticulous craftsmanship and enhanced performance.


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